Summer in the D: Sleepover with Saverio

Our nephew, Saverio, slumbered at our place last month.  We had the best time together!

Saverio greeted me with this smile when I met him and Alessandro down at the pool.  

I had been on a photography excursion with some friends at Belle Isle, and Saverio and Alessandro were patiently awaiting for me to come home so we could have dinner.  Aless and I wanted Mexican, but Saverio wanted pizza.  Hmm...what is one to do in such dire circumstances?  Tell the child that Mexican food involves dipping (his favorite food related activity), so he was easily swayed. 

We went to our favorite Mexican joint, El Rancho.

I told you the kid likes to dip and he took over the chips and salsa.  Here he is hijacking the tortilla chips with a look that says, "These are mine! I dare you to try to grab a chip!"

The three of us ate so much chips and salsa that I told Saverio that he had to ask our waiter for another basket of chips since I was kind of embarrassed that we wanted more.  So when our waiter came by, Saverio simply continued to chew on his chips and pointed repeatedly at the chip basket, indicating that he needed a chip refill.  It was not what I had in mind, but pretty funny nonetheless.

Our waiter was awesome!  He was so nice and even allowed us to order off of the lunch menu for the little buddy.  

Saverio did the funniest thing while we were at home getting ready to head out for dinner.  He kept on repeating what he wanted to eat as soon as it was official that we were getting Mexican.  "I want soft chicken tacos with just cheese and salad (aka lettuce) and no tomatoes."  And on the drive there, he kept asking, "Auntie, do you remember what I want?" and would make me confirm that I knew his order.  I guess he really didn't want anything getting in the way of his chicken tacos.

He surprised us by eating both of his tacos, which were fairly large.  Alessandro had enchiladas suizas (topped with a special tomatillo sauce), and everything looked good to me, so I asked the waiter what his favorite dish was.  He recommended the steak milanesa ranchero, so I ordered that.  It was delicious!  Definitely ordering that again sometime.  (Update:  went there this weekend and I enjoyed the same dish again). 

After getting home from dinner, we were pretty pooped, so we watched Scooby Doo and went to bed.

Saverio brought Car-Car over to visit us!  He's really into Mario right now, so Alessandro told him to nickname Car-Car "Super Cario" and Saverio thought that was the funniest thing.

In the picture above, he's on a bed of blankets on the floor of our bedroom.  He asked if he could sleep in our bed with Alessandro instead, and because I wanted a full nights sleep, I just gave in and said sure...I would just sleep on the couch.  But he wasn't in our bed long before he said, "This bed actually isn't that comfortable so I'm going to just sleep on the couch with you."  (Little did he know that if he was on the couch, I was getting back in my bed!)  I think he wanted to sleep in the living room because it was brighter than our bedroom with all of the city lights shining through the windows.  (He doesn't like the dark).  He asked me if I could lay on the couch with him until he fell asleep and then he said, "But I never ever fall asleep."  He fell asleep shortly after that and slept all night. 

The next morning, the boys were super cute and smiley. 

Saverio played telescope.

Then we headed to the park behind our apartment.  It was still barely 8:00 am, so it was very peaceful, quiet and quite beautiful.  (The binoculars were needed to check for ghosts).

Saverio's a little bit of a scaredy cat, so he wouldn't go down the slide without pushing his arms and legs up against the side of the slide, which would prevent him from going down the slide too quickly.  His skin kept screeching up against the sides and hurt him a bit, so I was trying to get him to tuck his limbs in, but he didn't want to because that made him go too fast.  So, to help him enjoy the slide a bit more, I went down with him on my lap a couple of times so he could get the full experience.  He loved it! 

He also didn't want to go too high on the swings, so he just mostly played with the binoculars instead.

I wonder how many pictures I have of Alessandro yawning.

After the park, we went to breakfast at my all time favorite breakfast place:  The Flytrap in Ferndale.

I ordered the BACT omellete (bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato) with garlic home fries, Alessandro had the crab cakes and eggs and Saverio had the gingerbread waffles.  We all loved our meals.

Saverio took these cute pictures of Alessandro!  He's such a good photog--he even knows the rule of thirds.  

Saverio needs to teach Alessandro a thing or two.

After breakfast, we came home and played.  Saverio drew this picture of him and Alessandro.  Notice Alessandro's cane.  I thought that was the cutest.  

Then, Saverio fell asleep and napped for over 2 hours!

When he left, I noticed that he left his mark on our home: 

We can't wait for our next sleepover with Saverio.  He was so smiley the whole time and really was a joy to have around.

* * * 
Notable things about 5 year old Saverio:
  • He LOVES Alessandro. 
  • He HATES kisses.  If someone says, "Okay everyone a hug and a kiss goodbye," He always says quickly, "Um, but I don't do that."  And if you even try to sneak a kiss on him, he wipes it off defiantly.  
  • He calls Alessandro's walker a "double cane." 
  • His favorite place is Downtown Detroit.
  • He refuses to go underwater in the pool.
  • He thinks he IS Mario.  
* * *

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  1. Mod, i loved it!!! I read it with a huge smile on my face from begging to end. Tell you something, if you guys ever have kids? that will be one lucky child. Love you!

    1. Aww, thanks, Franko! Love you too! And obviously I love your kiddies : )