Terra Terra Terrarium

Long story short, for this edition of the Pinterest Challenge, I wanted to make a terrarium for my office.  

I had two inspiration pins...the first was this one originally from here

And the second was this one from my girl, Martha. 

So, I started by gathering my supplies.  

I got the glass vase from Goodwill for $1!  (It was marked $1.99, but it was half off green sticker day so I lucked out).  The pink sand was on clearance at Michaels for $1.69 (originally $4.99), I scored the bag of variety moss from Michaels for $3.49 with a 50% off coupon and the black gravel rocks were $2.49 from Michaels.  

I bought the beautiful plants from Eastern Market.  The tall aloe plant was $1.50, the succulent on the left  was $2 (look familiar?) and the other three small plants were $1 for a total of $6.50.  (Not pictured is soil, which I already had on hand). 

Total project cost was under $15, so already things were looking up. 

I filled the vase with about an inch of rocks, then 3 inches of soil.  (If I had to do it again, I would only do 1.5-2 inches of soil because the end result looks a little soil heavy since the rocks blend right in).  Then I dug a few holes and planted each plant individually, starting with the biggest.  I played around with the placement a bit to get a configuration that I liked and once I found their permanent spot, I patted them down nice and tightly in the soil.  

Next, I sprinkled a thin layer of pink sand over the soil.  To get the sand layered evenly throughout, I blew the sand around lightly through a straw until it landed where I wanted it to.  Then, for more color and texture, I added a few pieces of the moss.  Then I sprinkled it with a few drops of water (and will do so every two weeks).  That was it!  

Here it is on its way to work with me:

And here it is on my windowsill at work:

If you can't tell by how many pictures I took of it, I really like it!  The project was really fun and fast and I  can already see more terrariums in my future.    

Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge?  If so, what'd you make?  If not, will you next time?  

* * * 

Read all about the Pinterest Challenge here at Katie's blog.  Katie started the Pinterest Challenge as a way for us bloggers to stop pinning and start doing.  Visit her blog today to check out whatever she created for the Pinterest Challenge and to share your own Pinterest project.  While you're at it, visit Katie's partner in crime, Sherry's, blog to check out her project and to share.  

Katie and Sherry run the Pinterest Challenge seasonally, so be on the lookout for the next round in the Fall.  This season, they selected two bloggers, Michelle from Ten June and Kate from Censational Girl, to co-host the Pinterest Challenge, so be sure to check and share on their blogs too!

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And if you didn't already, please watch this South Park clip, which Alessandro and I watched repeatedly while I was writing this post, because seriously, this is supposed to be a long story short.


  1. It looks really great!

  2. Hi,

    I clicked over to your project since I've been wanting to make a terrarium. This looks great! I just love what some greenery can do for a space and the rocks and moss add so much texture too.

    It's such a fun project!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it!

  3. Love these!! Yours looks 10x prettier than the one I made for my coffee table. Thanks for the added inspiration. I'm making one for my office too! You can check out my pinterest challenge over at my blog

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and for following! Your mustache mugs turned out very cute!

  4. psst: i'm you're latest follower!

  5. Maybe I'll make one too. Once a month or so, I tell myself we need more life in this house. That is, more than just the two of us humans and the spiders that are crawling around the basement. Maybe I can make one for the room I'm working on. The green would look nice on the white shelves. I'd just have to remember to water it...That's the trickey part.

    1. I think that's the nice thing about terrariums--they require almost no watering and if you forget for a while, I think they do fine.

  6. Now that my file cabinet is done, I'm thinking about a terrarium to put on top! Would you mind going over and linking your project to my post? I created a link up, but right now, we're only a party of two. Ha ha.