Ava and Maya on Belle Isle

My sister brought the girls Downtown last weekend for a visit and we had a great time.  We started our day with lunch at Bucharest.  May I please recommend the chicken quesadilla?  It's not your average quesadilla.

Then, we headed to Cafe Con Leche's pop-up location in Lafayette Park to sip on Mexican Hot Chocolate and chat.  The girls played in the kid's section while their hot chocolate cooled, so it was great for them too. 

Next, we went to Eastern Market where my sister bought all of the spaghetti squash that was left in a five mile radius.  We also went to Rocky's and it was my sister's first time there.  She became a believer, let me tell you.  Duh, it's the best store ever.  Have you been?  No?  Go.  

By that time, the girls were exhausted so we strapped them in the car and took a spin around Belle Isle.  

The girls loved the bridge and the ducks.  It was a fun opportunity to snap some pics even though Maya hadn't brushed her hair since 1999.

After the Isle, we cruised around Indian Village because why not?

Overall, great afternoon in the D.

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