A Memory According to Alessandro...

Alessandro and I were sitting in the living room tonight not doing much of anything.  I was messing around on the computer, and he was sitting on the floor playing music on his ipod.  He played Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead and then shared this memory with me: 

There was a restaurant called the Roadhouse Pub in East Lansing, where he lived for a short time back in 2004/2005.  Every time he went there he played the same song on the jukebox.  Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead.  He loved that song, and still does.  As he put it, "It makes me happy."  His only beef with the song is that it is too short.  "Such a good song," he said, "but way too short."  

What do you think? 


  1. You're funny. I've never YouTube'd that song. That extra minute of jamming was fun.

    1. Ha, glad you got a kick out of it.