Alessandro's 2013 Bucket List

Alessandro made himself a Bucket List for the year.  I thought it was a really good one, so I wanted to share: 

A couple of notes about some of those: 

#3:  Done!  He saw a few live bands at PJ's Lager House with our friend, Mike, a couple of weekends ago.  He had a great time.  Now I just need to get there. 

#4:  I bought him paint supplies and canvases so he can paint whenever he feels like it.  

#6:  He admitted that what he really meant was to ask me to make a blueberry pie.  

#7:  That one was inspired by his favorite movie, Rushmore.  While he hasn't gotten to say it yet, he has come close.  Our nephew, Saverio, loves pretending like he's in a real life game of Super Mario.  One day, Saverio kept calling Alessandro "Luigi" ("Cause you're tall Uncle") and Alessandro said, "Call me Alessandro.  Luigi was my father's name."  I don't think he knew anyone heard him say that, but I did and cracked up.  Saverio was confused. 

I haven't really thought about the adventures I'd like to have this year, but now I'm inspired to make my own list.  

What about you?  What are some things you want to do this year? I'd love to hear!  Let me know in the comments below or on the blog's FB page.

* * * 

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