Coffee and Corticosteroids - Day 1

Yesterday I told you how I was going to journal Alessandro's way through his five day steroid treatment this week.  Alessandro came up with the title, "Coffee and Corticosteroids" for this series (inspired by this and this) which I thought was genius, so that's what we're going to go with.

Day 1 

The nurse came over and hooked Alessandro up with a line in his arm and started his first steroid dose.  I came home from work a bit early so that I could sit with him while it finished up and to take it out and wrap his arm up after the dose was finished.  

This is what his arm will look like for the next few days.  (Except it's covered up in a bandage most of the day).


I love his face in this picture.  Alessandro's in a good mood today.  He's on the couch playing music on his laptop.  He's funny right now.  He has a lot of energy and hasn't even been babying his arm too much. 

Earlier he was listening to Japandroids - the House that Heaven Built and he was jamming.  He suggested that each day's update should be accompanied by a song of the day that best illustrates his mood and he thought Japandroids was perfect for today, so please enjoy.  I'm very curious about what tomorrow will bring.

Al wanted me to tell you that he particularly likes the lyric, "And if they try to slow me down, I'll tell them all to go to hell."  I think he's feeling feisty today.  

Energy Level

His energy level is noticeably higher today.  He won't stop talking.  I've been trying to finish this blog post for the past hour, and he keeps interrupting me so I finally had to ask him to stop talking for the next ten minutes so I could finish.  

He hasn't napped, which many of you know has become his national pastime lately, and he's not at all tired.  (It's about 8:30 p.m. right now, so there's still time).  

A note about the above pic:  he and I were recounting scenes from my favorite movie, Inglourious Basterds, and he was being "Dominick Decocco".  I'm not sure why he and I get so much pleasure from that scene, but we do. 

 Side Effects

He's sucking on a lemon head here because they help get rid of a bad taste that the steroids leave in his mouth.  

I asked him if he wanted espresso so we could actually have coffee while discussing corticosteroids so as to legitimize our title a bit more, but he said that that would probably be a bad idea since steroids tend to keep him up at night.  Didn't think he should doubly decrease his chances for a good night's sleep, which is the right choice.

Right now, on Day 1, no real side effects, although he tells me that his arm is quite itchy.


Alessandro tends to get pale right after he gets his dosage.  Here he was today shortly afterward.  Slightly Pale Al.  

Overall, not much to update today.  I think we're going to try to record some clips tomorrow for you, so stay tuned for the coming days. 


  1. So far, so good! Hoping for a great outcome.

  2. Slightly Pale Al is still handsome as ever! Hang in there...our prayers are with you both. Love you!!! Andi B. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Andi! We love you too!