Coffee and Corticosteroids - Day 2

Alessandro was very adamant that today's song should be Solange Knowles - Losing You, so here you go:

I told him that the song he picked was supposed to illustrate his current mood and that this song didn't make sense, but he told me that this just had to be the song.  He woke up at 4 in the morning with it stuck in his head and he's sort of obsessed with it right now.  It makes him want to dance.  Maybe after Day 5 he'll be ready for that? 

But for now, here we are with Day 2. 

We hooked Al up to his steroids a bit late today--around 6 pm. 

The steroid is in the vial and looks a bit like baking soda.  In this pic, Al is preparing the steroid by adding some liquid from the bag into the vial and shaking it up a bit.  

The goal is to turn the powdered steroid into a very clear liquid, like what you see below.  

Then we unwrap the tube and attach one end to the bag and the other end to the port in his arm.  But not before flushing the line in his arm with saline. 

Once his line is flushed, we hook the other end of the tube up to the port in his arm and try to get a steady drip from the bag going.  

And then we sit and wait.  Well, actually Alessandro sat and waited, but I ran to Walgreens, did the dishes and made and ate dinner in the hour and a half that the dose took to complete.  

After it was done, I detached the tube from the line in his arm and wrapped him back up.

Mood (according to me):  Good, but not as funny or talkative as yesterday. 

Side effects (according to him):  He smells weird and his taste buds "are off."

Energy level:  He's pretty tired today, which has much to do with his lack of sleep. 

Appetite:  He hasn't been very hungry today.  My mom took him to school and brought him a late lunch so he wasn't really ready for dinner tonight, but I made him eat a little something something. 

Nothing like farro, roasted chickpeas and feta atop a bed of mixed greens to cap off an evening of steroids.

P.S.  I tried to record a video, but I decided it wouldn't be entertaining whatsoever.  But I do have other plans, so keep coming back.  See ya tomorrow.

* * *
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