Coffee and Corticosteroids - Day 4

Captain's log. This is the wife reporting.  Our mission is to make it to Friday.  The patient reports no change in mood, appetite, energy level or side-effects, although he has noticed his feet have become swollen.  The patient is becoming increasingly anxious to rid himself of the bothersome device from his arm.  He requested that we rise early in the morrow to administer the final dose.  After the final dose is administered, I will be permitted to remove the device from patient's arm and he can perform an act that has been much anticipated and severely overdue:  shower.  I have confirmed that the patient has at least been brushing his ivories and washing his face.  He is complaining of boredom and is anxious to leave the ship in the morrow.  To occupy his time, the patient has been attempting to determine which eatery he would like to frequent once his appetite and taste buds return to normal.  He reports that he has read a review on every eatery in the Metro-Detroit area.  To prove his point, he challenged me to "name a city" and he would be able to inform me of that location's most popular eating place.  I challenged him and he successfully proved his point.  The patient has chosen a song covered by Detroit's own, The White Stripes, entitled "One More Cup of Coffee" as the melody of the day.  Please enjoy the song and come back in the morrow for one more cup of coffee.

* * * 
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