Little People Christmas Party

Alessandro and I had 6 out of 7 nieces and nephews over for a Little People Christmas Party a few days after Christmas.  (#7 was just shy of 3 months old at the time, so he had to miss out, but maybe next year!) 

Allow them to introduce themselves:

That giggling at the beginning of that video is the cutest ever!  Aless was standing behind me making funny faces. 

We started off the night with a pizza picnic on the floor. 

We also did Secret Santa gifts.  I paired the kids up and asked their parents to pick out something small (not more than a few dollars) to exchange.  

What I thought was really funny was the gift that Ava picked out for Saverio.  She arrived early and wanted to show me and Alessandro what she got for him.  We looked in his stocking and there was a bunch of loose change and candy.  Al and I laughed that she was giving him money and admittedly thought it a bit weird.  She explained that she had so much money that she just had to give some of it away.  While the others opened puzzles and coloring books, Saverio opened his stocking and his eyes just lit up.  He said, "Oh awesome, I love money!"  It was pretty funny.  Obviously Ava knows what she's doing. 

After gifts, we did crafts.  Before the kids came over, I did a little prep by putting removable stickers that spelled out their names onto white cardstock.  The idea was to have them color all over the page, remove the stickers and reveal their name.  It worked great for the older kids, but the younger ones couldn't be bothered with having to color in a pattern over the letters. 


All of the kids got special time with their Uncle.  

Later, we put on a movie.  Maya picked Matilda, which she pics every time.  

The girls were so cute together!  

Maya could not stop hugging Francesca.  At one point, Maya was in the bathroom for quite a while (must have been the pizza) and when she came out Francesca and Victoria greeted her with hugs. 

The night was really fun.  I loved having them all together in the same room.  Alessandro and I are always impressed with how well they all get along.  I think it's so cool that they like each other, ask about each other, and look forward to playing with each other whenever they get the chance.  Alessandro's sister told me that Victoria asks when CJ's coming over to play.  And my brother-in-law told me that Maya goes around the house saying that she's saving things for "Frances-ica," as she says.  

I look forward to getting them all together again.  They are the best kids and fill us with so much happiness.  I could kiss all of their cheeks forever.  (Except for Saverio because he doesn't do kisses). 


  1. Anonymous1/30/2013

    super cute!

    1. Thanks for bringing the kids over for it. It was fun!

  2. This was so cute!!