Plant-Based Dinner: Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

Mmmm, these lettuce wraps are good!  Got this recipe from this great vegan food website, and made a couple of tweeks.  Here's the scoop. 

One bunch of Romaine lettuce 
Noodles (preferabally Asian instant noodles, but in a pinch, you can substitute whole wheat noodles)
Raw cashews (raw cashews are white in color and when I first saw them I thought there was no chance they would be as good as roasted, salted cashews, but they actually are. Even the kids like them). 
Green onion
Hoisin Sauce (which is like an Asian bbq sauce)
Soy Sauce

How To: 
Cook your noodles and set aside.  Crumble your tempeh into a bowl and set aside.  In a skillet over medium heat, cook 2 cloves of minced garlic in a bit of oil or broth of your choice.  Chop up two stalks of green onions.  After the garlic is fragrant, add the tempeh, a handful of cashews, the green onion and 4 teaspoons  of hoisin sauce.  Heat thoroughly.  Serve with noodles on lettuce and enjoy! 

A couple of notes:

  • These would be great with other toppings too, such as toasted sesame seeds or water chestnuts. 
  • I have used both Asian instant noodles and whole wheat noodles and don't notice a difference.  Al claims they're better with Asian instant noodles. 
  • I made this once when my nieces, Ava and Maya, were over and they wanted to help cook.  If you have kids, crumbling tempeh is a great job for them.  They had a lot of fun doing it and helping out.  (Although neither of them wanted to eat the wraps because as Ava said, she doesn't like lettuce."  
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