The Story of 30 Year Old Hair

One day, Alessandro and I were talking when the topic of his hair came up.  I asked if he ever considered doing something different with his hair, like growing it out or combing it another way, and he said no.  "At this point in my life, my hair is what it is," he said.  Then he told me a story.  

When he was a young boy he hated his hair.  His hair had "a deep part," that he recalled parting with a comb every morning.  Exhibit A.

It was cute when he was little, but things started getting out of hand as the years passed.  Exhibit B.

By the time he was in high school, he seemed to have gotten the part under control. Exhibits C & D.

But he knew that things for his hair just had to get better.

He remembers being envious of his Dad's hair.  It wasn't that he particularly loved his Dad's hair, but just that his Dad's hair was what it was always going to be.  His Dad had grown up hair, and that was something Alessandro strived for.  He would often think to himself, "I can't wait to be old, like 30, so that I can have grown up hair."  And as he was telling me this story, he realized that he was now 30 and finally had that 30 year old hair that he once longed for.  

And man, was it worth the wait.  Exhibit E.

Alessandro the day his hair turned 30, September 2, 2012.


  1. Maybe I can work on straightening that smile.

    1. Your smile's perfect. Don't change anything about that. Just keep brushing and flossing.

  2. Looking good! I think this kind of "hair timeline" activity is great and one we should all undergo at age 30.