Our Saturday Mornings: Eastern Market

For us, Saturday mornings mean Eastern Market.  It's where we spend a couple of hours each Saturday morning, Spring through Fall, and some Saturdays in the Winter when we're feeling brave. 

I've talked to many people lately who say they want to come down to Eastern Market on a Saturday, but for whatever reason they just don't ever make it.  They have to work, or they have errands, or life gets in the way.  The market draws nearly 40,000 people each week.  If you've been wanting to get to the market lately, get here to see what all the fuss is about!  

For now, I'd like to share with you what our Saturday trips look like if you're interested.  

* * * 

I like to start any trip to Eastern Market with a coffee from Germack followed by an almond croissant from Patissiere by Matt Knio


One day, my sweet little niece Ava was even waiting at Germack for me!

She likes the coffee too!  

While we snack on our croissants, we usually wander over to Eastern Market Antiques and think about all of the stuff we're going to buy for our future home. 

And the things we aren't going to buy.

Then we go wandering in the Sheds, usually with a handful of items in mind that we want for the week. 

Sometimes, we treat ourselves to the best smoked salmon in town made by MaCohen's

These fine folks are so nice!  And the prices are right.  You can get a filet that will provide 3 meals for only around $10.  Smoked salmon makes for a very easy, fast, weeknight dinner.  Just shred the salmon, toss it into pasta, add thawed frozen peas and a bit of heavy cream if you're into that sort of thing, and bam. Tasty, fulfilling dinner.  We also like to add this smoked salmon to scrambled eggs in the morning. Yum. 

Some of our other favorite vendors and treats come from Slow Jams (fresh, all natural jam made in small homemade batches), Perkins Pickles (delicious pickles and Chow Chow, which is pickled red cabbage, garlic, carrots, green tomatoes and spices), Corridor Sausage (all-natural sausage made in exciting flavor combinations, such as garlic and juniper, apple and sage, and lamb and fig), and Love's Custard Pies (get the chess pie.  Just do it.)  

There's also a vendor that sells all houseplants for $1.50!  And they're so beautiful. 

I bought a tiny little plant from here a year or so ago (check it out here on our kitchen table last year) and it has grown into this beast, which is about 3 feet tall. 

Every plant we have in our house is from that same vendor.  Some of them are featured here in last year's apartment tour and here in my terrarium project

Aside from food, plants and antiques, we also often enjoy the best fresh lemonade you'll ever have, along with karaoke

There's no shortage of things to do at Eastern Market and Al and I never get sick of going.  In fact, on our way home today I said, "I always have so much fun with you at the market!"  And I bet you and your family would too!

Just in case you plan to come soon, here are a few tips:

  • In order to beat the rush, get their either before 9:30 a.m. or after 1 p.m.  
  • Bring a backpack and handled bags.  The pack makes it easier to carry all of your goods and the handled bags can be used for fragile stuff, such as plants and peaches. 
  • If you get an iced coffee from Germack, try one of their many flavored simple syrups.  Today I had ginger honey and, according to Alessandro, it made my coffee "interesting." 
  • Bring cash! There's an ATM in the Welcome Center, but it doesn't always work. 
  • There's more to Eastern Market than the sheds.  Make a day out of your trip and visit surrounding stores, such as Detroit Mercantile, Signal Return PressRocky's, Milano Bakery and DeVries.
  • And lastly, always take the time to take a selfie with your boo.   


  1. Ah, my favorite ambassadors of Detroit! I miss your bloggin', keep it up!

  2. You guys are so cute! I love reading about your life adventures. You need to head North soon for a visit...it's been too long!! Love ya! Andi xoxo

  3. Thank you ladies for your encouragement!