Amateur Hour

Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine.  I got my first real 35 mm camera from my Dad for my 13th birthday.  It was  Fuji with a novel panoramic setting that allowed you to take a picture of your whole softball team lined up shoulder to shoulder, and then to print that picture out in an awkward size that could never fit into a frame.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  I was so excited to have something a bit more permanent.  You know, instead of disposables.  (Remember those?)  I can still remember walking up to CVS to take my film in to get developed.  I was so excited, I could barely stand the week-long wait it took to get developed.  (Times were so much different then, huh?)  

I have had a point-and-shoot consistently since that time...that is, until 2011 when my favorite point-and-shoot of all time, the Casio Exilim, jumped out of my hand one day at a concert and fell to the floor, broken beyond repair.  I was seriously heart broken.  I tried to buy the exact same camera immediately, but to my dismay, it had been discontinued.  That turned out to not be the end of the world because I ended up getting an awesome DSLR instead

I have had that camera for about two and a half years now, and one would think I would by now have a good grasp on how to use it.  But I am embarrassed to say that I actually know very little about my camera, and I cannot even get aperture and shutter speed down.  That being said, the camera and shooting location take care of 80% of the work, so you don't have to be a pro (or know much at all) in order to take good pictures. 

At least, that's what I have tricked my friends into thinking.  A few of them have asked me to take pictures for them and I'd like to share them with you if you're interested. (Mostly because the cuteness of these children (and the beautiful couple below) must be shared with the public).  

Welcome to Amateur Photography Hour!

The Triplets

Remember when a bike club member was having triplets?  Well those babies are here and they are almost 2 years old!  I was asked to take their pictures for their first birthday and here are some keepers...

This is Palmer: 

And here's Declan: 

And his identical brother, Henry:

The boys love their mama!

And here is the beautiful family.

It would have been awesome to capture a smile from everyone, but Palmer had other plans for me.

The boys were so good!  A little milk break and ball-play helped them relax. 

I am looking forward to taking their 2 year old pics!

The Singlet

Next up is Baby Jude.

This photo shoot was a lot more challenging because we were indoors, so the lighting conditions were a challenge.  Plus, the subject was a mere 11 days old! and there was lots of peeing and pooping going on. And sweating (from me) due to the general anxiety that comes along with a newborn photo shoot.


Hopefully I will have the chance to do an outdoor Jude-shoot this Fall when he can be out in the elements.  

The Couple

And lastly, here are a few pics of one of my favorite couples in the world--Tom and Kate.  They compliment each other like Oreos and Milk--both excellent on their own, but even better together. 

They came into town and we couldn't think of a better thing to do than a photo shoot on Belle Isle.  It was bitterly cold this day, but because they were staying with us from out of town, we decided to just go for it. My fingers were numb, but it was well worth it. 

Tom and Kate live in different states and they told me they did not have many pictures together before these, so I was happy to capture this time for them.


I would love to do more people-photo shoots (as opposed to scenery), so if you'd like me to capture some memories for your family, please let me know.  I would love to do so!  (As long as you understand that I may be able to produce good shots, but certainly not professional ones).