Wine Night

We were excited to attend Angelina's first Wine Night of 2014 a couple of weeks ago.  

We are regulars at these Wine Nights and may or may not have had withdrawals when Angelina took a break from them last year.  

Because of Al's scooter, they set us up a table for two right off to the side of the bar where the event takes place. 

It worked out very well.  We could hear the wine night host just fine, plus we had some privacy for our own conversation, which mainly focused on how much we love the feeling we get while being at Angelina.  The owners, Tom and Mike, are always so friendly and always make sure we are comfortable and doing well.  It always feels like Cheers there for us, which is never a bad thing. 

Here was the menu for the night (even though you probably can't read it).  

We started out with mussells, which were paired with a 2012 Pinot Grigio. 

So, I don't actually eat mussells.  Except, it just so happens that I eat anything that's put in front of my face at this place with no hesitation.  They were tasty...I ate them all with no problem. 

Then we had, from left to right, smoked salmon pastrami bruschetta with goat cheese, hard boiled eggs and chives, eggplant parmesan risotto and steak tip ravioli with shitake mushroom demi. This plate was paired with two Tuscan reds. 

For dessert, we had showstopping truffles prepared by the one and only Raed (pronounced "ride"). We met Raed back in 2011 at the first ever wine night.  Raed had Alesandro at hello truffle.  It was love at first bite. Alessandro loved Raed's truffles so much he asked if he had any extras for sale.  Raed is so modest (even though he's a superstar pastry chef) and he was genuinely flattered with the compliment.  Alessandro left with a dozen truffles and a new best friend in Raed. 

This time around, Raed told us that when he heard we were going to be attending wine night (as if we've ever missed one), it was an easy decision for him to put truffles on the menu.  "I made them just for you," he told Al.  I almost had to ask them to get a room.  

The truffles were the bomb!  Check out that ooey-gooey center.  Not your average truffle by any means. 

To top it all off, we were treated with a few truffles to take home with us.

Go for the wine...leave feeling satisfied and loved. That's our Wine Night motto.

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