You know that saying, "People always want what they can't have?"

I was the victim of that saying today. 

Alessandro and I spent all Sunday hanging out together at home.  I made us pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Then made oatmeal squares so that we could have a good breakfast throughout the week.  Then I made brown rice and put together burrito bowls for lunches throughout the week. I spent a few hours preparing a batch of the most delicious dessert of all time--cajeta. And for dinner, I made salmon and brussels sprouts with a soy-ginger glaze.

When we sat down to eat dinner, he obliviously said these words, I kid you not:  "You never make muffins.  I just saw online that Julie made muffins, and it made me think, you should make muffins sometime.  Maybe a lemon poppy seed?"  

Yeah, you're right Alessandro.  I should really get on that.  [My actual response was different.]

Serenity now. 

Thanks Jules for showing me up! 

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