Team Alessandro 2014

Please head on over to Facebook and "Like" our Team Alessandro Facebook page.  There you will find pictures from this year's Walk as well as past events, and other updates.  If you have Team Al pics of your own, we would love if you would share them on the page.

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from this year's Walk, which took place on Sunday April 28, 2014 at Comerica Park: 

We have raised over $18,000 this year.  Um, $18,000 people!  That is thanks to the generous support of all of our family, friends, and especially YOU.  Thank you for making Alessandro feel special.    

Donations stay open until September, so if you are interested in showing your support and haven't already done so, you can visit my personal fundraising page here:  http://main.nationalmssociety.org/goto/2014.  All proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is the primary organization leading the research efforts in the fight against MS.  

And check out past Team Alessandro-related posts here: http://movesincircles.blogspot.com/search/label/Team%20Alessandro

Thank you.  We love you.  


The Kids

Is it just me or can you not feel the joy of these kids in these pictures?  They love each other almost as much as I love each of them.

Here's the run down on the crew and my attempt to explain them in one word if I had to:

  • Ava, age 7, loves fashion, baking, Lab Rats and being a big sister.  In one word, perfect.
  • Saverio, age 6, loves Super Mario, tacos, the weather and Alessandro.  One word, inquisitive.
  • CJ, age 6, loves bike riding, cartwheels, olives, hard boiled eggs and helping people.  One word, fun!
  • Victoria, age 5, loves reading to people, making art, dancing and learning how to play volleyball.  One word, outgoing. 
  • Maya, age 5, loves rings, hiding people's phones, donuts, Rocco and Vito.  One word, unique. 
  • Francesca, age 3, loves girls, especially her Aunties, doing what her sister does, and hot dogs.  One word, sweet. 
  • Enzo, age 1, loves his mom, changing his mind, and playing.  One word, curious.   

And for fun, I asked Alessandro for one word too without looking at my list and he said: 
  • Ava, sweet. 
  • Saverio, funny. 
  • CJ, Superman.  
  • Victoria, crazy. 
  • Maya, unique. 
  • Francesca, sweet. 
  • Enzo, adventurous. 


So proud of my boo!

Alessandro is nearing the end of his post-baccalaureate teacher certification program and he's going out with a bang.  

Not only did he receive this grade and positive feedback on his recent project, but he was also awarded a competitive academic scholarship for next semester! 

I secretly look over all of his projects before he hands them in (I have to sneak because he doesn't let me look at his stuff anymore due to some Type A personality traits I exhibited early on when he first started school) and I can honestly say that I am impressed with the exercises, lesson plans and study guides he prepares for his imaginary high school students.  I could never come up with those things.  His future students are lucky! I am very proud of him and his accomplishments!  

Keep up the good work, Al!  (You better or things could get crazy up in here). 


Happy 5th Birthday, Maya!

I would like to wish my unique niece Maya a Happy 5th Birthday!  Talked to her last night and she proudly said, "Today is my last day being 4!"  

I took her and Ava to the Belle Isle Nature Center this weekend and Maya fell in love with this frog.  She wanted pictures of her hugging it... 

...and doing whatever this is.

Typical Maya. Please notice all of her rings; one of her favorite fashion accessories.  More is more is her philosophy. 

We had a great weekend together, and hopefully more pics, videos and stories will make it to the blog soon. For now, enjoy my attempts to get a family pic.  

I had no idea these three were in cahoots against me.  Story of my life.