The Kids

Is it just me or can you not feel the joy of these kids in these pictures?  They love each other almost as much as I love each of them.

Here's the run down on the crew and my attempt to explain them in one word if I had to:

  • Ava, age 7, loves fashion, baking, Lab Rats and being a big sister.  In one word, perfect.
  • Saverio, age 6, loves Super Mario, tacos, the weather and Alessandro.  One word, inquisitive.
  • CJ, age 6, loves bike riding, cartwheels, olives, hard boiled eggs and helping people.  One word, fun!
  • Victoria, age 5, loves reading to people, making art, dancing and learning how to play volleyball.  One word, outgoing. 
  • Maya, age 5, loves rings, hiding people's phones, donuts, Rocco and Vito.  One word, unique. 
  • Francesca, age 3, loves girls, especially her Aunties, doing what her sister does, and hot dogs.  One word, sweet. 
  • Enzo, age 1, loves his mom, changing his mind, and playing.  One word, curious.   

And for fun, I asked Alessandro for one word too without looking at my list and he said: 
  • Ava, sweet. 
  • Saverio, funny. 
  • CJ, Superman.  
  • Victoria, crazy. 
  • Maya, unique. 
  • Francesca, sweet. 
  • Enzo, adventurous. 

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