Alessandro's Dad

Alessandro's Dad is one of my favorite people in the world.  I've never met anyone like him.  I can't really do his personality justice, but here are 20 things I think you should know about Victor on his 65th Birthday: 
  1. He calls Alessandro almost every morning to talk about the Tigers, the news, or politics. 
  2. He stops by to hang out with Al anytime he can when he's downtown for court, or even when he's not, and Alessandro feels the love. 
  3. He is extremely opinionated and often thinks he knows everything, and honestly most of the time he does...except for when it comes to Marco Scutaro.  
  4. He also thinks he can do anything, such as easily ride his bike 50 miles even though he hasn't ridden a bike in 30 years, and play the saxophone even though he never has before (but he did play the clarinet in high school so that should count for something).
  5. He likes snowmen, but he loves soup.
  6. He is obsessed with mermaids, aliens and crime shows. 
  7. He makes it his mission in life to make sure you have a drink if you are ever a guest in his house. (Even when you may not want one, but those are small details). 
  8. I can tell he's a father of girls.  For a man who is most often in a world of his own, he is surprisingly aware of new dresses or new hairstyles and compliments me if I am ever notably pulled together in any way.
  9. He's a really good singer (and his kids and wife will hate me for saying so). 
  10. He hates driving Ford Explorers because "They have no visibility." 
  11. He is very caring and loves his family more than anything in the world.  (See #2 above).  
  12. His grand kids love him and his "Slowly I turned" skit. 
  13. He and Al's mom have been married for nearly 37 years!  They work together everyday and manage to still love each other : ) 
  14. He hates the words "closure" and "pro-active" and dislikes the current-day usage of the term "icon." 
  15. It's never boring watching a Tiger game with him.  First, he declares that, "The game is over," and walks out of the room if the Tigers fall behind in the first inning (or at any other point throughout the game).  Second, he changes his favorite Tiger player weekly, depending on who's doing well, and pretends that his previous pick never existed.  Third, he takes personal offense when Italian ball players don't pronounce their own names properly (ex:  Porcello = Por-chello, not Por-cell-o).  (See # 3 above). 
  16. He cannot cook anything...except for peanut butter sandwiches, which he LOVES and could eat everyday.  
  17. He thinks he's younger than he is, which is a good thing...except when it leads to bad things such as causing him to challenge his 20-something-year-old daughter-in-law to a foot race that ends in someone falling (twice).  
  18. He doesn't believe middle-aged men and older should wear tennis shoes under any circumstances. Loafers are appropriate in almost all circumstances, including when gardening and during foot races (see #17 above). As are corduroys. 
  19. All of our friends really enjoy talking to him and always comment about how nice he is.
  20. Some people do not like him though (see #3 above).  But most do. 
I feel very lucky to know him and to have him as my father-in-law.  Happy 65th Vic!