Shout Out to My Boo

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out here to Alessandro.  Today he successfully* completed a 5 day course of steroids.  As you all know, this is not our first time on the steroid train, but it was the first time he's had steroids while being scooter-bound, so it was a very different experience.

We celebrated tonight with cake.  

And I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all how handsome my husband is in case you forgot. These photos are from last Summer, but better late than never.  Al looks the same except his hair is shorter right now, which reminds me that holding off on a haircut might not be the worse thing in the world.   

Alessandro, you go boy!

*Successfully = the I.V. lock did not dislodge and no infections at the site.  Booyah.  


  1. Congrats Al!!! AND your hair looks GREAT!!! Grow the FLO Dro!!!! :) xo

  2. Anonymous6/19/2014

    Way to go Alessandro and yes your husband is very Handaome.

    Great news, Thanks for sharing