Summer in the D - Bucket List Style

I have an anxious feeling that this Summer is going to pass me by this year, even though it really has only just begun.  There is so much I want to do and I don't know if there's enough time.  So instead of going outside and experiencing this warm Summer evening, I thought I'd stew about it here in front of my computer screen. Yeah, good plan. 

Here's what I need to experience this Summer, organized for my convenience: 

  • Walk through Eastern Market for sushi or pizza and dessert (I have been talking about doing this for the longest time.  Al just smiles and nods).
  • Go for walks or go swimming after dinner 
  • Movie Night in the Park on the Detroit Riverfront (Tue July 8 or Thu August 21)
  • Wednesday Night at the Movies at New Center Park - Casablanca (June 18), Jurassic Park (June 25), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (July 30), The Breakfast Club (August 20), 2001:  A Space Odyssey (August 27).
  • Kayaking on the Detroit River courtesy of Detroit River Sports (Sundays)
  • Ride the Cut with CJ
  • Go swimming with the nieces and nephews
  • Boys Night Sleepover with Saverio and CJ 
  • Girls Night Sleepover with Ava, Maya, Victoria and Francesca 
  • Jazz Fest (August 29 - September 1)
  • Bike rides, bike rides, bike rides
  • Walk the Isle with my Auntie

Sounds like an excellent Summer to me. 

And here are other bucket lists of the past.

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  1. Sounds like someone is a little psycho with organization.