Must Watch - "When I Walk"

Take a break from binge watching Breaking Bad over this holiday weekend and watch something real! You have to watch this powerful documentary by Jason Silva called "When I Walk."  Jason is a filmmaker who was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS when he was 25 years old. Lucky for us, he decided to turn the camera on himself to capture the doubt, fear and hopelessness that he experiences after the diagnosis, the fast and unpredictable progression of the disease, the varying reactions he receives from his support system, and the everyday hurdles, big and small, that he and so many others face everyday of their lives.

It's a story of love, loyalty, courage and hope. But also it is scary!  I cannot imagine many things scarier than knowing you are slowly losing function of your body and realizing there is nothing you can do to stop it.  MS is a terrible disease. Alessandro went from walking with a walker to not being able to stand on his own and being confined to a scooter in less than a year. The transition has been a rough one, but he is a champion and I could not be more proud of him.  Is he kicking this diseases ass?  Hell no.  He is terrified of this disease and it is kicking his.  But, he's still in the ring and willing to go more rounds.  That's what makes him a champion in my book. Many of our loved ones have told us that from their perspective, we are handling all of this so well.  While we may not always feel that way, we are handling it as only we know how.

Everyone reacts differently to the hand they are dealt, and Jason's reaction is admirable to watch on screen and Alessandro's in person.  This documentary mirrors our lives in so many ways and is Must See TV for anyone who knows someone who has MS.

It is available online via PBS until September 5th, and can be purchased here. Let me know what you think.

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