Family Fun in the D: Mt. Elliott (Splash) Park!

We found ourselves at Detroit's newest family attraction, Mt. Elliott Park, the other day when Alessandro's family came to hang out.  It was great fun for the little ones!  There could have been more amenities for the adults, such as coffee, booze, or snacks that were not animal crackers, but here's to hoping that will come in the future.  The park has only been open about a month or two and I can already see it is a great edition to our fine City.  

Don't believe me?  Enzo will prove it. 

It was a sort of impromptu trip, so none of the kids had any swim-wear, hence Enzo's impressively droopy diaper.  

The other kids had a blast too.  Here's Victoria going all-in.

Francesca managed to stay dry the entire time. 

The girls made friends with this little girl in the bathing suit.  When I was showing them these pictures this weekend, Victoria very excitedly said, "Hey!  There's my fwend!"  So cute.  And as a side note, they look good as a family of seven!  Hint, hint.

Enzo and Frank are best friends!

And check out these good looking boys. 

Saverio loves him some Uncle Alessandro, so he tried to hide on his scooter so that he could go home with us. 

We had a good time at the splash park and I would recommend it.  Don't forget to take a towel!  We were a bit ill prepared, but it still worked out and we had fun with each other. 

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