Everyday He's Puzzlin'

Alessandro recently completed what I thought was an impossible task--this 1000 piece Vitruvian Man jigsaw puzzle. 

I am not a puzzle person at all. Alessandro, on the other hand, likes a good puzzle every once in a while, and he only likes his puzzles extra hard. Last year he completed Starry Night, which until I saw this puzzle I had dubbed the most ridiculous puzzle on the planet. All the swirls looked the same! 

But when I saw this puzzle with the reversed ancient writings and everything practically the same shade, I was convinced that this could not be done. But Al became obsessed and finished it in about a month. The challenge of the puzzle increased a bit for him given his complete lack of fine motor skills. He doesn't have the luxury of trying out pieces all willy-nilly to see if they will fit. Instead, he studies the pieces, determines what goes where and then makes his move. This hobby definitely doubles as a great form of Occupational Therapy! 

Despite these challenges, he claims the Starry Night puzzle was more difficult than this one because the puzzle pieces were not conventional pieces and it was just overall more challenging. We had a few visitors throughout the month that he was puzzling, one being our friends Tom and Kate who did contribute a few pieces to the puzzle. We also had all of the kids over throughout the month and surprisingly none of them messed with it. (Except for Maya we think. But it might have been Ava doing a set-up knowing that everyone blames everything on Maya. We're not sure yet). 

Either way, Alessandro came through again with this amazing feat. Congrats dude! I'll be on the lookout for something even harder for next year.  

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