Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Seven years ago, Alessandro's sister Nicole shared a wonderful Halloween tradition with me. Trick-or-treating at Greenfield Village. A few of us adults take all of the kids and together they hold hands, enjoy the hundreds of carved pumpkins and complain that they did not get enough candy!

It started with just two children, Ava and Saverio, in 2007; then the group kept growing and growing with the addition of one new child each year. A cute kid in a costume is the most wonderful thing! Seven cute kids in costumes? Just can't even handle it. 




2010: (Full disclosure, we went to the Zoo this year, not the Village) 





This year Ava went as a "creepy baby," although I think she just looks really adorable, Maya was a very sleek black widow, CJ broke his 4 year tradition with the super hero theme to be a a scary jester, Saverio and Victoria stuck with their theme as Mario and Princess Peach for the 3rd year running, Francesca was sweet as a cheerleader, and Enzo as his favorite, a Ninja Turtle. 

CJ and Frank below. I really don't know what these boys were supposed to be, but they were creeping Enzo out. 

The gals...

Saverio and his friend that is a girl...

The group! 

There are people dressed up in cool costumes at each candy station...

Frank would want me to tell you all that we made him take this picture...

It is always fun getting the kids together and for me, seeing all of my little ones in one weekend, let alone one day, is the best gift ever.

Have you been to Halloween at the Village? I would highly recommend it. 

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