Deep Brain Stimulation

I mentioned here that Alessandro was considering DBS to stop his tremor. We have watched a few videos of the amazing difference it could make, and to say we are excited at the possibility of a steady hand is an understatement. Please watch this local 10 minute story about the life changing potential of DBS and the talented Henry Ford Hospital staff that could make it happen: 

We will be going through some consultations soon so stay tuned!


Something amazing happened...

Alessandro built a Star Wars Lego.

Amazing because of the fine motor skills that are required to complete this task. It took him a few days over the course of about five hours, when it may have taken you or me about 30 minutes. I was inspired by his undertaking of this difficult project and was really impressed that he did not get frustrated or give up. When he dropped pieces, he figured out ways to safely lean over and pick them up himself. He only needed my help for about 1 or 2 pieces and for the stickers. It truly was an impressive feat!

Alessandro's brother and his wife (Tony and Keely) bought him this Lego for Christmas with the occupational therapy aspect in mind, but also knowing that Alessandro loves nothing more than a good Lego and of course, Star Wars. It was a perfect gift that combined therapy and entertainment! 

Speaking of Star Wars, Alessandro recently had an hour+ long conversation with a sweet little 10 year old boy who he met for the first time this weekend. They both proclaimed each other the "smartest Star Wars fans ever." The little boy knew way more than Alessandro though, because he had memorized the Star Wars encyclopedia and is a current fan of the animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which Alessandro has never seen. Even though I found their conversation very boring, it was actually pretty cute watching two nerds share their passion.

This was actually not the first time Alessandro stole the heart of a young boy with his Star Wars knowledge. In fact, just a few days ago, he attempted to give a synopsis of the plot to his nephew, Saverio, who had never seen the movies but was still a huge fan. I caught a bit of the conversation as you can see in the video that follows:

We put on Star Wars Episode IV shortly after they had this conversation and Saverio's mom tells us that Alessandro has created a Star Wars-loving monster.