Food, Drink, Prizes and More - Join us Thursday 4/30!

In an amazing show of support, many people have come together for a fundraiser for us on Thursday April 30, 2015 at Smokies Restaurant & Tavern in Wyandotte at 7pm.  What started out as my sister's desire to help us when she knew we needed it, has turned into a media frenzy! Okay, maybe not quite, but we do seriously feel the love.  This fundraiser is a result of a partnership and collaboration between Smokies, Krave Salon in Southgate, MediaGrump in Wyandotte and so many local businesses we cannot even count! 

This event will serve us in much more ways than just raising funds. It will be a good reminder of the support we have from our family, friends and even strangers. Alessandro was surprised to learn that his teacher heard about the event somehow and is going to come in a show of support. How cool is that? It will really mean a lot to us to see you there. We truly hope you can come! 

And I didn't even mention the incentives yet. There will be food stations from local restaurants, a 50/50 raffle, a tin can raffle from more than 20 businesses (including Slows Bar BQ), door prizes, and live entertainment. All for only $25 at the door or $20 in advance, and the proceeds will directly benefit Alessandro and I

Even if you cannot make it to the fundraiser, please know that you still help us by just being you. We are constantly amazed at the generosity, camaraderie, love and support we experience from you everyday. Whether it's buying us dinner all.the.time. (Mike), or a ton of truffles (Mari), or a magic spoon that helps Al eat (Tom and Kate), or organizing a summer vacation for us (Craig), hosting fundraisers (Heli and Megan; Aunt Irene and Uncle Rodger), handing us an envelope of cash for a new scooter (Keely and Cequent Group), bringing Alessandro lunch once a week (Mom), going out of your way to accommodate us in your home (Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle), supporting us at events (Marika), participating in Walk MS every single year (our family), or letting us store our ramps in your basement (Sofia and Amanda), we appreciate it all so much! 

Detailed information about the event on Thursday April 30 at 7pm can be found on the event Facebook pageSmokies is located a930 Biddle Ave in Wyandotte, 734-283-3228.

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